3D 7-Color Tetris Light

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It's a real-life Tetris! And it's a lamp!

You can officially geek-out for the Tetris Lamp. As far as we're concerned, it's magic.
Simply stack the pieces together and they illuminate. But when they're removed from
the tower, they turn off.
As long as the pieces are touching, they will light up.

As long as the pieces are touching, they will light up.

Arrange the pieces however you wish!

The Tetris Light comes with the seven tetrominoes featured in Tetris. As long
as they're touching each other, they will light up. So, go nuts! There are
endless combinations to create.

Using the included seven pieces, you can generate an endless variety of

Seriously awesome mood lamp

The 80s were a magical time for video games. Rekindle your love of clearing lines
and nailing a Tetris with Tetris Light!
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How is it powered?

Answer: The Tetris Lamp is powered by a standard 120V ac adapter. We simply hid
the cord behind the lamp in our photos.

Question: What kind of bulbs does it use?

Answer: LEDs power the Tetris Lamp and therefore will last a lifetime.
Question: Where does the power cord connect?

Answer: The power cord connection and on/off switch is located on the blue "I"

Features & specs

  • Includes 7 individual tetromino pieces
  • Pieces illuminate when stacked together
  • Create endless configurations
  • Dimensions (average setup): 11" x 8" x 1.5"
  • Power: 120V AC adapter
  • Bulbs: LED
  • On/off switch
Package Included:
  • 1 x 3D 7-Color Tetris Light

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