Advanced Data Protection Roller

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Protect your private information
with the Advanced Data Protection Roller!
The Advanced Data Protection Roller give you peace mind of your personal information. The stamp are perfect for prescription bottles, bills, bank statements, credit card offers, tax returns, cashed checks, shipping labels and more.
Unlike the traditional shredders, this stamp is particularly simplicity: rolling the stamp over the text you want to mask, you can feel confident that your info is safe from prying eyes and no need to worry about the recycle of papers.
  • Covers Things Right Up: The Advanced Data Protection Roller easily covers a block of address in just one single pass, spreads ink evenly without blotting or excess ink, perfect for covering large swaths of private info in a clean way.


  • Multiple Uses: It works amazing for obliterating any personal info on regular paper like bank statements, shipping address, tax documents, junk mails, etc. It does not work on shiny paper or sleek packaging labels.


  • Very Handy & Useful: No more shredder noise, very easy to blot out sensitive info & still recycle paper statements. Hand-held is comfortable for someone doing higher volumes of throughput or lacking room in home/office.

  • Sharp Unboxing Blade: Designed with claw shape blade that you can use for opening boxes, very handy, sharp and convenient.

  • Long Lasting Energy: Unit can cover 20 meters of stamping before it needs a refill. The stamp set comes with a refillable Ink, which ends up being a fairly high value for anyone planning on doing large quantities of stamping.

  • Material: ABS
  • Ink Color: Black
Package Includes
  • 1 x Data Protection Roller
  • 1 x Refillable Ink

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