Car Pressure Washer Hose Connector

$29.67 $39.99

Want to clean your car in less time, using less water, while achieving a better result?  

Thanks to this high-pressure water gun you can do it without problem. 

This is the best tool for every car lover (because we know that you love her more than anyone and anything else). 

Car Pressure Washer Hose Connector Specifications: 

  • Material, Copper
  • Water pressure, 8KG
  • Injection distance, 8M
  • Scope of application, garden watering, car washing
  • Material of gun head, copper + aluminium
  • Mini ball valve 1/4 ball valve is made of copper.
  • Metal handle 90 degree rotary switch is easy to operate.
  • Two kinds of sparkle copper joints are used as spare copper joints.
  • Fan-shaped and cylindrical spray
  • Plastic handle A variety of colors of plastic handle.
  • It's softer and more comfortable to use.

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