DIY Wooden Wool Knitting Machine

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This DIY Wooden Wool Knitting Machine
Is Easy to Set Up and Ready to Weave in a Simple Manner!
This simple tool is perfect for easy weaving design, suitable for weaving beginner or kids group, a wonderful way for youngsters to learn the excitement of real tapestry weaving!
Making Hand weaving, knitting and felting are wonderful intergenerational activities your whole family can share.
  • High-Quality Looms Toys: Inheriting the ancient weaving craftsmanship and feeling the craftsmanship different from the machine, let you experience the fun of weaving.


  • Exquisite Workmanship: The groove is smooth and flat, avoiding the damage and reduces the abrasion of the wool during the weaving work.


  • Easy to Operate: It takes only a few minutes to assemble the braiding machine kit. As long as the assembly is complete, weaving can begin, and the shuttle shuttles back and forth, which is very simple.


  • A Lot of Fun: This is the best gift for weaving beginners. Can weave tapestries, mats, carpets, scarves, etc.

How to Use & Install

1. Connect the frame firmly

2. The warp should be wound tightly on the wire structure

3. Wrap the wool on the shuttle

4. Wrap the thread around the wood on both sides in an S shape

5. Continuation on the effect of the line on the line

6. We take out the comb and align the warp

7. The comb finish the thread upward to make the cloth densely woven

8. Finish, and make a beautiful craft design 

  • Material: Wood
  • Condition: Top quality, Smooth, Well polishing
  • Usage: Weaving
  • Size: 20.8 x 19.3 cm

Package Included
  • 1 PC Knitting Loom
  • 1 PC Adjusting Rod
  • 1 PC Comb
  • 1 PC Shuttle
  • 1 Roll Nylon Cords
  • 4 Rolls Yarn

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