Hanging Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp


Hanging Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp

Get creative and design your very own lamp with the Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp. There are so many different designs to create making it a fun activity for adults and kids alike and makes a great gift for kids rooms.

Hanging Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp Features:

DIY Modular Design: Use the interlocking panels to create any number of shapes for your unique lamp design.  

Wide Range of Uses: Living room, bedroom, kids room, study, restaurants, patios, outdoor weddings...

Superior quality: High density pliable plastic panels are durable for long service life.

Makes a Great Unique Gift: This hanging jigsaw puzzle lamp makes a great gifts for friends and family of all ages.  

Easy to clean: Easily disassemble the lamp and clean panels with soapy warm water when needed. 

Warm Ambiance Lighting: These lamps emit a warm, comforting light no matter what color or combination of colors you choose. Light bulb is encased in the lamp so light source is hidden and only the warm glow of the lamp illuminates the room. 

Hanging Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp Specifications:

  • 3 different sphere sizes, approximately 10", 12",or 16"(diameter).
  • Shade material: PVC material.  
  • Mix and match with additional kits purchased separately for more designs.
  • Shade color options: white, yellow, purple, green, red, dark blue, light blue, orange, pink, rose red 

Package Includes:

  • 30 polypropylene pieces of selected size
  • 1 Manual 
  • 1 power cord - bulb NOT included  



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