Multifunctional Hammer

Discover all the features of this multifunctional hammer, and how it will change your life: 1. Powered nail shooter: Install a common cement nail in the front of the pliers and beat the pliers with a common hammer. It can easily penetrate steel pipe, iron pipe, iron plate, cement wall, cement floor, etc. Cement nails do not deform, bend or break. 2. It can be used as stainless steel hammer. The pliers themselves are hammers. It can be used as any function of a hammer. And the hammer itself grows. Where an ordinary hammer can't hit. This product achieves this function by increasing its length. In addition, the original material of pliers is made of special tool steel by computer temperature control precision casting. Common hammers are beating hard things. Over a long period of time, there will be some marks on the outside of the hammer. This product is no matter how long the hammer is beating, or using other hammers to hit the pliers themselves. There will be no imprinting. 3. The function of the pliers themselves with the lifter is divided into "one word" and "cross". 4. It can be used as a movable wrench. From small to large. The size of the wrench can be controlled by a hand. 5. Act as a pipe pliers function, for the general round pipe from large to small can be twisted with this product, size is controlled by hand. It's convenient and labor-saving. 6. It can be used for Weibian, winding edge (sheet metal work) and clip (clip some overheated articles, etc.) 7. Pull out the broken nails: For some broken nails, I think many people are helpless, and this kind of pliers can easily help you solve this problem. The specific method is shown in the instructions. 8. When you need to punch a hole in some super-hard objects or thread a ceramic tile wall. This kind of pliers can help you solve these problems. Ordinary nails go straight in. It may cause the tile next to it to crack or fall off. If you don't hit this tile properly, it will come down. It affects beauty. This is not the case with this tool. Methods A screwdriver was rotated obliquely to 45 degrees on the tile. A small hole will be drilled soon. And it's not going to fall off because of this hole. Easy and convenient. 9. Hat nails can be pulled out. 10. It can be used as a vise. It is easy to cut wire, wire and nails below No. 8. Quick and convenient. Specifications: Product Type: Universal Hammer Hammer Material: Cast Iron Whether explosion-proof: No Whether or not to be shockproof: No Handle Material: Plastics Scope of application: household use Usage: hammering

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