Pastry Decorating Icing Pen

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Decorating Is For All

trivehome ticks Mess-free decoration of all pastries
trivehome ticks Great for beginners & kids who love some fun!
trivehome ticks Simply fill, attach & decorate!
trivehome ticks A great assistant - Proper control & precision.
trivehome ticks Works with a standard sizing decorating bag, & all decoration tips.
trivehome ticks 100% Safe, Food-Grade Approved.

Decorating cakes & cookies is as easy as writing with Icing Pen. Fill a bag with frosting, attach it into the Icing Pen and decorate! The Icing Pen gives you precision and control - just give it a squeeze and your icing comes out in a steady stream.

Made for both beginners and professionals, the Icing Pen allows you to write words and draw lovely patterns on your pastries. It’s a great addition to bake lovers as it works with a standard decorating bag and all size decorations.

How to Make My Pastries Beautiful?

Control is the key to creating beautifully detailed cakes, cookies, and confections. Our Icing Pen boosts accuracy and artistry for bakers of all ages, thanks to a squeeze lever that delivers a steady, even quantity of buttercream or royal icing.

Use & Care


  • Fit the nozzle into the bag and fill with premade frosting.
  • Insert the bag of frosting into the Icing Pen.
  • Remove the handle of the Icing Pen.
  • Twist the top of the bag and fit it into the opening of the back of the Icing Pen.
  • Put the handle back onto the Icing Pen and you’re ready to decorate!
  • Plastic couplers let you change tips anytime.
  • Stainless-steel round tips are perfect for creating lettering, outlines, or detailed designs.
  • 6" long


  • Handwash


An all-you-need starter icing kit.
Size: 16 x 3.6cm or 6.3 x 1.42"


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