RinseUp Car Interior Agent

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🚗 Cleans and protects all car interior surfaces! 🚗 

 Everybody loves a clean interior, but not everyone has time to figure out how to clean all the different materials correctly. But this Multi-functional Car Interior Agent can perfectly help you to completely and perfectly clean everything on the interior of your car!


It is a detailing product that's formulated gently enough to clean any hard, soft, clear, or shiny interior surface. It helps keep your car fresh and suitable for any material such as leather, plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Completely remove dirt and stains from the interior of your car. Just spray it on any surface then wipe it off using sponge or cloth, and you will instantly see the difference! Help prevent cracking and fading. Also wipes clean, finishes residue-free, and leaves no greasy or oily feel or look behind!


Intense Cleaning Bubble: Fast acting foam breaks down stains for quick & easy cleaning.

All-around Protection for Your Car: Protects against fading and discoloration from harsh UV solar rays, acts as an anti-microbial, anti-static, trim restorer, and air freshener that leaves your car looking like new again!

Suitable for Any Material: It can be used on any material such as leather, plastic, rubber, and vinyl.

Keeps Your Car Fresh: Helps keep your car fresh as it acts as an air freshener as well and releases fragrance that retains the car’s pleasant odor.

Safe on All Surfaces: Gentle, chemical-free formula won't spot, stain, or etch sensitive materials. Dries quickly without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Wide Use of Application: Cleans and protects all car interior surfaces from car seats to car doors and even the most unreachable surface. It can also be used at home including electronics, furniture, doors, windows, and so much more!



Net weight: 200 mL


  1. Spray it on any surface on the car or at home.
  2. Scrub smoothly using a sponge or cloth.
  3. Wipe it off with a dry towel.


1 X Multi-functional Car Interior Agent (1PC) OR

3 X Multi-functional Car Interior Agent (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

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