Serpentine RevitalEyes Youth Regain Eye Masque

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No more panda eyes! Regain the shiny bright, youthful eyes now! 
  • Full Frontal Eye Problems Solutions! Tackle all major eye problems with just one masque! Treat your eyes to a full angle pampering and tackle fine lines, aging eyes, under eye dark circles and exhausted eyes! 

  • Triple Action Re-energize! With a unique triple section full coverage design, this masque effectively covers aging, sagging skin, lifting, tightening and brightening all delicate skin at the eye area! 

  • Relax and Repair Eyes While You Sleep! Use this masque as a sleeping masque to enjoy an effortless skin treat for your eyes! The atomized Aketide particles can penetrate deep inside the lowest layer of your skin, repairs and rebuild the elasticity and youth of your skin! 

  • Advanced Compressed Hydrogel Serum Masque! This hydrogel masque is created by compressing rich serum into the water-based hydrogel, allowing your skin to absorb all the serum without drying even after long time using! 

  • Hypoallergenic Skin-loving Formula For All Skin! Formulated with a gentle, neutral formula, this masque provides a relaxing eye-lifting experience for people of all skin type! 


  1. Clean face and dry thoroughly before use. 
  2. Place the eye masque on eyes for 6-8 hours, perfect to use before bed. 
  3. Remove the masque after waking up. 
  4. Massage the eye area gently and remove the residual serum. 
  5. Apply skincare as usual. 
  6. Use the masque consecutively for a month for the best result. 


  • Weight: 40g
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Active Ingredients: Aketide, Hyaluronic Acid


  • 10 Pairs* Serpentine RevitalEyes Youth Regain Eye Masque

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