Soilless Rapid Seedling Double-Layered Planting Tray

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Give your seedling the space they need to fully grow!
For seed, they are so delicate that they need a suitable space to enhance ability to absorb water and nutrients. Soilless Rapid Seedling Double-Layered Planting Tray helps to improve seed germination rate and survival rate, so it is a must have for everyone who likes gardening.

This can help you start seeding easily and efficiently. Soilless Rapid Seedling Double-Layered Planting Tray is a great option for a large variety of plants such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, tomato and other plants.  These cell trays will encourage faster growth by giving your seedings more access to nutrients and plenty of space


Extra Durable and Stronghold: All our seed trays are made of extra strong BPA free and food safe plastic; holds considerable amount of seedling without the need of soil warping or cracking.

Perfect Germination Dome: This seedling starter kit helps regulate moisture and temperature for your germinating seeds

Unique and Innovative Design: Self-watering seed starting trays prevent over- and under-watering, this planting trays helps you grow dozens of healthy, vigorous, organic plants from seed


Reliable and Productive Kits: It can be reused for many years. For organic foods, from seed to harvest the lightweight kit is great for growing indoor planting

Multi-function: Both seed sprouting device and storage tray. You can easily sprout various of seeds, soya bean, mung bean, peanut, black bean, wheat etc.

Easy to Use: Plants are easy to remove from starting plug trays and transplant into pots for growth before planting in garden



  • Materials: Strong BPA free and food safe plastic 


    • 1 X Soilless Rapid Seedling Double-Layered Planting Tray

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