38 Watt UV Sterilization Lamp (Ships From US)



38 Watt UV Sterilization Lamp Features:

  • CE & ROHS Certifications: Feel confident that your lamp is Restriction of Hazardous Substances certified (RoHS), also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, which restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. 
  • Up to 400 Sq. Ft. Sterilization: The 38 Watt UV Sterilization Lamp is suitable to sanitize most residential rooms up to 400 sq/ft. such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, (Rule of Thumb: 1 Watt/10.76 Sq. Ft. - so 38 Watts for 400 Sq. Ft.)
  • High Purity Quartz Glass Tube: Have the peace of mind that your lamp maximizes its sterilization effectiveness thanks to the optimal dissipation of UVC light, the result of strict manufacturing standards combined with high purity quartz glass. 
  • Remote Control Activated: The 38 Watt UV Sterilization Lamp comes with a remote control that can be used to turn the lamp on and off up to 28 ft. away.
  • 3 Cycle Timing: Minimize energy consumption without reducing sterilization effectiveness by selecting from one of three timed cycle options (15/30/60 minutes) to meet your needs depending on the size of the area you wish to sterilize; Lamp will shut off automatically after selected cycle has completed. 
  • Ozone: The 38 Watt UV Sterilization Lamp produces ozone. Ozone, a highly reactive oxidizer, can sterilize places where ultraviolet light cannot reach,. 

38 Watt UV Sterilization Lamp Specifications:

    • Chroma: blue
    • Weight: 950 g
    • Size 200 x 140 x 32 mm
    • Rated power 38W
    • Rated voltage 110v
    • Rated frequency 60HZ
    • Control Method: timer/remote control
    • Material: ABS+quartz
    • Package Size: 230 x 160 x 45 mm

    Packing List:

    • 1 x Germicidal light


    This Ultraviolet light can cause skin and eye burns. Please follow operating instructions: Avoid long term direct exposure and never look at the light. People and animals should not be in the room while lamp is on. After sterilization cycle is complete, the ozone needs to settle for 60 minutes before people or animals enter the room. 


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