Strong Repair Super Adhesive

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Strong Repair Super Glue is a new Universal Instant Xtreme adhesive.

Experience its extreme power as a universal bonding agent with instant speed, extreme strength, and shockproof flexibilities.

Odorless and no irritant, use it on any surface with great results and no white residue.


  • Instant Strong Bond – Adhesive works like a magnet, locks into place, and tightly holds heavy objects in 10 seconds. Super-strong adhesive power yet no strong odor.

  • All-purpose glue – This glue is suitable for various materials such as rubber and can also be used as wood glue, metal glue, or plastic glue.

  • Long-lasting – With instant strength in a single drop, Strong Repair Super Glue combines cyanoacrylate technology to ensure durability whilst drying transparently.

  • Extra strength – Strong Repair Super Glue is not only water and dishwasher resistant but also shock and temperature resistant. This proves ideal for use in a range of locations.



    • Adhesive Material: Universal Glue
    • Shelf Life: 12 Months
    • Volume: 50ML
    • Curing Time: 8-10 seconds!


    • 1 x Strong Repair Super Glue

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