Supersonic Mini Washing Turbine

$36.99 $70.99

Make cleaning a lot easier than ever!

Never go without clean clothes again, with this Supersonic Mini Washing Turbine that can go with you anywhere. Transform anything around you like a washing machine. Get your laundry or kitchen essentials cleaned at the spur of the moment.


It can be adjusted according to needs. Features automatic shutdown after working for 30 minutes to save energy. It’s lightweight and portable, can be placed in pockets or tote bags to carry anywhere you need it. The ultrasonic high frequency for high sterilization rate, removes dirt effectively. Works not only for shirts and under garments, but also for jewelry, glasses and other small items.


Automatic shut-off feature – After the washing machine runs for 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down and restart the USB plug after one minute


USB Power Supply – This product is plug in USB (with AC adapter), which can be connected to charger with USB such as power bank or on-board power supply device. Not limited by socket location. Convenient for you to use a portable washer machine in a small space at home or in your car.


Portable and space saverSmall and convenient in size. Very suitable for travel and trips.

Effective cleaning technologyHigh-frequency vibration cavitation accelerates the dispersion of liquids, has a powerful suction cup, so there is no need to worry about shaking.

Eco-friendly – This Supersonic Mini Washing Turbine will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of operation; Will save more water and electricity consumption.

Easy to operate – It has a fully automatic cycle cleaning. Settings can be adjusted depending on your need.



1 X Supersonic Mini Washing Turbine

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