The Tablet Spider© - The Ultimate Tablet Stand For Bed & Couch

$49.67 $59.99

Ipad Holder For Bed Or Couch - The Tablet Spider© 

The pliable four prong spider legs of the incredibly versatile Tablet Spider© Ipad holder means you'll never NOT find the perfect height and angle for your tablet.

No more holding your tablet with your hands for hours or clumsily propping it up against a pillow for you to watch your favorite show. 

Unlike other tablet stands with narrow bases that are OK to use on hard surfaces but often fall over when used in bed or sitting of the couch, the Tablet Spider© super wide base means it will never fall over.

Thanks to its design and structure, it can adapt to any surface, keeping your device stable and being able to rotate front to back from -60° to 60° and allowing you to find the ideal position to comfortably use your tablet in bed, on the couch, or anywhere else you have uneven surfaces .

"If you use your tablet to stream your favorite shows in bed,
the Tablet Spider© is THE must have tablet stand"

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