The LightSaver R20© Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer - Shoe Odor Destroyer

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Water, sweat, and lack of aeration cause fungi to grow in your shoes and produce the unpleasant odor we all know all to well. The LightSaver R20© Shoe Odor Destroyer   emits Ozone and powerful UV light to eliminate odors and keep your feet smelling clean and healthy. 

Fashionable, environmentally friendly, aesthetic, functional, and practical. This UV shoe sterilizer is the world's first to to clean and sterilize the inside of your shoes without chemicals, safely & effectively. By using bactericidal ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms, the LightSaver R20© Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer is the easiest and most effective way to get smell out of shoes because it kills the fungi that cause bad shoe odors.

LightSaver© Shoe Odor Destroyer Features:

Powerful Sterilization: 253.7 nm UVC & Ozone kills 99.96% - 100% exposed fungus, bacteria & germs that cause shoe odor.

Effective Elimination of Shoe Odor: Efficiently neutralizes and eliminates unpleasant shoe smell.

Chemical Free: Safely and effectively sanitize the inside of your shoes and boots without using chemicals.

Ergonomic Design: Designed to fit snugly to the shape and size of your shoe,

Portable and compact: Detachable cord, easy storage, easy sterilization anytime, anywhere.

Ideal For: Leather shoes, high heal shoes, boots, athletic shoes, diabetics.

Doctor Recommended: 
   A. Toe nail fungus 
   B. Athlete’s foot
   C. Plantar warts
   D. Chronic shoe
   E. Foot Odor

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