Villa outdoor mosquito trap


Model: Villa outdoor mosquito trap

Rated power: 5

Protection class: IP65

Light source type: LED

Charging method: USB, solar, AC, built-in 3.7V / 16850 lithium battery 2200mah

Product material: ABS

Light source: 4 LED5mmUV beads

Lighting time: about 10 hours


1. Cold cathode light tube + UV purple light tube technology, attract mosquitoes, and then kill with high-voltage power grid. Intelligent light control technology, automatically turn on in the evening, no need to care about automatic killing mosquitoes, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. High-power 0.6W polycrystalline silicon solar panel, the solar panel can choose different angles, so that the sun is more fully irradiated and the charging is faster.

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