Welding Magnetic Ground Clamp

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Makes your welding job hassle free and safe!

Welding Magnetic Ground Clamp lets welders quickly set up, weld and move on to the next job by simply placing on a clean work surface and start welding. Instant ground on flat or pipe. It holds on tightly, without budging easily. Now that you've got this, you won't have to take minutes searching for a good ground or attaching grounding tabs.

Convenient:Fast set up and grounds instantly. Strong grip on flat or round surfaces. Applicable to clamp both flat and round workpieces.

Features:Strong grip on flat or round surfaces. Used to lay the ground clamp magnetically attached to the metal being welded for electrical ground

Design:Simple to connect, ground wire of welding machine. Simply place on clean surface and turn on then start welding.

Universal:High strength and hardness. Durable in use.


Necessary:Made of high-quality iron, durable in use. High strength and hardness. Stays clean because magnetic field turns completely off.


  • Material: Copper / Insulation board


1 x Welding Magnetic Ground Clamp(with wire tail)
3 x screw

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